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Why would a direct deposit be pending on Cash App?

The direct deposit pending on Cash App +1855 233 1940 is a common issue that people may face due to various reasons. If you are using the Cash App payment app, then you must be aware of its pros and cons. The following situation may lead to pending direct deposit on Cash App:

When there is low internet speed on your device.

· If your Cash App is outdated.

· If your account is involved in unusual activity.

· You may have provided the wrong routing and account number to the employer.

· There is an issue at the employer's end.

· Cash App and bank server may also affect your payment processing.

Primarily, these are the factors that would lead todirect deposit Cash App pending.You can avoid pending issues by maintaining the above things. If your direct deposit is pending beyond 5 days, you can contact customer support to look into the matter.

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