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Maneskin is an Italian rock band

With its original sound, Maneskin combines the influences of the classic rock genre with modern sensibilities. Its four members have been friends since middle school, and their name is derived from Danish, meaning moonlight. All members write their own songs, with Damiano composing the lyrics and Victoria writing the bass. Thomas and Ethan perform the guitar and drums. The band's videos have received millions of views. They are not only gifted with good energy, but also luck.

Maneskin formed two years after Ethan was born and recruited Ethan from Frosinone, a city 100 km south of Rome. They busked around Rome's Via del Corso, where they won the hearts of the tourists and locals. Maneskin was so popular that they were invited to perform on the eleventh season of X-Factor Italy. The band signed a record deal with Sony and became internationally famous.


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