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Death Grips Merch The trio formed the band in 2010, and since then, they've remained a popular part of the hip hop world. The band's first single, "Full Moon (Death Classic)," was released in March 2011. The song's lyrics expressed paranoia and rage, and became a topic of discussion on the Internet. Among Death Grips fans, it is the only album that features a live performance with merchandise.

Death Grips' t-shirts

If you're a fan of Death Grips, you'll surely love their t-shirts. These t-shirts have been a staple of menswear for years, as they can be worn undergarments, with suits, and even as casual office wear. These shirts feature bold prints and are sure to turn heads. They're also incredibly comfortable, offering the ultimate in laid-back cool and comfort. And with their explosion into the streetwear scene, Death Grips' t-shirts have become an extremely popular item. Now, they're available in more luxurious, high-end styles, too.


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